At the request of our customers we have built our service Pet Sitting. and Dog walking by offering the same quality and love of work we do with cleaning your home. Best option to instruct those furry so dear to the same hands that you trust the cleanliness of your home.  We have built a team of highly qualified leave we trust our own pets and have passed a criminal  background.


Each visit includes a recapitulation "Daily Report" for peace of mind and if you prefer you can send photos at each visit


  More than just a pet care, make offer concierge services as watering plants at no additional charge or other tasks required. In addition to this we can leave your house very clean for your return.


  The Best Care When You Can’t Be There

Our pet services are available for all types of animals from dogs and cats to hamsters or fish. Pricing is per visit and performed between 7:00 AM and 8:30 PM each day. Pet sitting services are available in Standard, Extended or Hour Long Visits. Confused?


Let us know what will make your pet happy, and we’ll guide you to the right service.


Standard Visits include enough time for lots of love, potty break, feeding, scooping litter boxes and some playtime. Can also be used for dog walks.


Extended Visits enhance your pet’s playtime! Extended Visits are perfect for pets that require a little extra attention for long walks, playtime or grooming. Extended Visits may be required for some homes with more than 3 pets.


Hour Long Visits are available for clients with furry loved ones needing extra special attention. You may book a pet care provider to remain in your home for as many hours as needed.


                         Overnight Care


If your pet requires a late night potty break, Overnight Pet Sitting. may be right for you. Our pet care providers arrive after 9:00 PM to check on your pet, make sure they are happy, healthy and have a chance to potty and include multiple walks.


Almost Overnight Pet Sitting: Does Spike need a bedtime story? Fifi can’t sleep with out her special blanket? Our pet care providers spend 3 hours in-your-home after 9:00 PM to tend to that special time before bed you usually spend with your pet. Super long dog walks, grooming, special treats and special activities are included.

Late Night Visit: Your pet is a heavy sleeper and isn’t worried about monsters under the bed. However, they tend to need a midnight potty break or medication. Our pet care providers will stop by and make sure your pet is doing great, takes all their medicine (topical or oral only) and we’ll even prepare a midnight snack if needed.

What Is Included?

All pet sitting visits  include playtime, grooming (if requested) and food supplied on your pet’s schedule.. We refresh your pet’s water at every single visit. We can also administer medications (topical or oral only). When you return home, you’ll enjoy reading our Daily Scoop report which includes all the details of our visits.

For dogs we’ll head outdoors for a quick potty break or walks depending on the length of service you choose. Most services are performed between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM each day.

Daily Dog Walking Service

Make your dog happy with a dog walking service

Can not get out there everyday with your dog? Do not worry, you're not alone.


Whether you’re busy at work or school let  make sure your friend  gets all the exercise they need. Dog walks are an important element for your dogs physical and mental well being. Each visit includes a 20-30 minute walk (weather permitting), treats, water refresh and an update from your dog walker.



Thats why we walk dozens of dogs every day with our discounted Daily Dog Walking Service. Rest easy knowing your pup is getting out in the fresh air, with one of our loving professional pet care providers

A daily afternoon potty break is just the “relief” your dog needs.

Sometimes puppies and not so puppies need a quick exit to avoid accidents. We are here to help your hairy friend to have no accidents. This service visits quick to take them to the potty as many times as you need.


Easy Pet Sitting Reservations in a Few Clicks