Family owned bussiness since 2015

Home: A place that makes you feel safe, a place to make memories, home is more than just a place it's a feeling, and what makes it even better is a clean home, enjoying your home in a clean space, Gentile's Cleaning is not just a cleaning company its a company that cares about its customers, our customer's satisfaction is always our top priority and we love to keep our clients happy.

What services we offer...

House cleaning services

Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly | One time | click here to learn more

Special Cleaning

Move Out | Move In | Rental Home | Vacation Home | click here to learn more

Post Renovation

 Post construction

Deep Cleaning

Whole house | Only Bathroom | Only Kitchen | click here to learn more

Laundry Service

Wash, dry and fold | Fold and put away | Just fold | click here to learn more

Steam Cleaning

Floors | High touch surfaces | Playroom and toys | Furniture

Quick Cleaning

One hand helps every day, twice or three times a week.

House organization

Closet | Cabinets | Pantry and others

Event Cleaning Service

Cleaning before and after the party

Commercial Cleaning Service


Pet sitting