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Stela B - Stoneybrook West 

Gentile's Cleaning truly aims to go above and beyond. Never have I found another company so determined to provide the best service possible. Gentiles cleaning satisfies all my expectations of a cleaning service. I never have to call to complain because the cleaning is always flawless. The only time I call is to make sure they know how satisfied I am.

Kirsten P. - Windermere Trails

I just wanted to recommend GENTILES CLEANING. We had our first visit today after reading your recommendations and we totally agree. I really did not expect so much from a cleaning service. Very professional, excellent presentation, friendly staff and excellent work.

Elisa H. -  Stoneybrook West

If you are looking for outstanding and affordable service, stop looking, you can find it here. Gentiles Cleaning delivers on all promises. Are very customer oriented and great to work with. They have a new and satisfied customer that will employ their services weekly. I appreciate the efficiency of the team. My house looks great. Hightly recomended

Enma H. -  Windermere Trails
hile I rarely write reviews... I felt compelled to write my first regarding about Gentiles Cleaning. I'm typically a clean person, but sometimes am just too busy to keep my place in tip-top shape. In an effort to ensure my place was always spotless I hired GENTILES CLEANING for weekly cleanings. Let's just say, I've absolutely loved the service these last few months.  Week in and week out, GENTILES cleaning professionals have been respectful, timely, thorough, and sweet  While there are multiple service packages, I love doing Quick cleaning 3 times a week cleanings, with a longer deeper cleaning every 4 weeks.  As someone who is always on the 'go', it's been an absolute joy to come home and the carpet is vacumed, stainless steel appliances are wiped down, countertops spotless, washed dishes and the bathrooms are perfectly clean, in general the house looks very good. I've not only enjoyed the professionalism of the company, but of those that come into my home week-to-week. I definitely look forward to continuing the use of this service!! I invite you to try their services are really good and highly recommended. Happy weekend !!!

Margaret S. - Alexander Ridge

I switched from a major cleaning service to Gentile's Cleaning. The other companies made me feel like they were only interested in my money and nothing else. At Gentile's cleaning this is not the case! The staff is polite, professional, friendly and helpful. My house have never been cleaner.
Mathew G. - Alexander Ridge
Highly recommended, excellent work, very details. My house looks great. Thank you!
Michelle H. - Belle Meade

excellent cleaning service, highly recommended.

Nidia J. - Alexander Ridge
GENTILES CLEANING went above and beyond our expectations. From working with our tight schedule, to doing an impeccable job on the cleaning. Very professional, courteous, and kind. We will definitely use them on a recurring basis!
Michelle C. - Independence
I just used Gentile's Cleaning this past week before my mother in law arrived. They arrived in time and did a great job! I would use them again! Easy to work with!
Jenn H. - Enclave at Berkshire Park

Every time Gentiles Cleaning comes to my house i can not stop recommending them. They really do an excellent job. They even cleaned up my cats sandbox . Oh my god

Jackson P. -  Alexander Ridge

 If you need cleaning service Gentiles Cleaning are excellent. Recommended

Alex B. - Alexander Ridge

We hired them last week and they are really good, they will definitely come back every two weeks. Highly recommended

Marisha G. - Preston Square

Love this service! Did a great job on my house! Thank you!!!

Jenn H. - Enclave at Berkshire Park

Hello neighbors. I just wanted to share with you my experience with gentile's cleaning.I tried their cleaning last week and I am totally happy they are not limited to a basic cleaning, their work is very complete and they clean up everything and organize .my house looks great, I wil definitely use their services every two weeks I can not stop mentioning their great work with the community.totally recommended good work.

Kristin D. f- Ashlin Park

Good morning. I just wanted to share my experience with the neighborhood, yesterday hire the Gentiles Cleaning services and they are excellent never expect so much of a cleaning. Highly recommended

Baylee A. - Winter Garden Vineland Rd

They are amazing, recommended they do an excellent job. The staff is very friendly, helpful and always with a smile. Your job is more than a cleaning. My house looks great since I found them.

Ervin M. - Tildens Grove

Very satisfied with their service

Ryan L. -  Winter Garden Vineland Rd

I highly suggest you to use this company! My wife and me are very happy about what they do in our house since they are really professional at it. I've tried many other companies but their work didn't satisfy me, so I decided to stay with gentiles cleaning. Thanks!

Amy s. - Lake Reams

My mom and I enjoyed a clean and bright house for 8 months with Gentiles Cleaning and they are the best. I recommend you try their services are very detailed, very complete they go far beyond a cleanliness and excellent prices.

Rob M. - Waterleigh
Great Customer Service! Enjoy the bi-weekly cleaning service

Lucia P. -  Lake Reams

Hi neighbors! My neighbor recommended me to nextdoor and to Gentile's cleaning after trying their cleaning service today I was delighted since today I will use them every week, ale and naty are incredibly helpful, fast, professionals and very detailed. The prices are also very good. I recommend everyone try the cleaning with them they will love it

Nathaly V. -  Winter Garden Vineland Rd

Hi Neighbor! I use gentiles cleaning, I recommend you to use it too. They're work is excellent, they do way more things than what we expect, the ladies are respectful, they're always on time, their prices are very accesible, they are detailed and since I met them, my home looks really clean and shiny! I'm really detailed with my cleaning and I really liked their work!

Alexandra G. from Lake Reams

Excellent. full service and cleaning inside oven and refrigerator change of linen including.

amy s. from Lake Reams
Excellent work ! Very dedicated, deep cleaning throughout the house without extra charges like other companies, totally recommended.They come to my house every two weeks and it's amazing the work they do and the team very friendly and helpful

Cameo DeLoach (March 27, 2018)

Excellent service

Gail L. Parker (Feb 24, 2018)

Joanna did a very fine job, just as she did the first time she was here. I would like to use her again

Anne Packham (Feb 14, 2018)

Good job and very quick.

Mr. W. A. Mackey (Feb 08, 2018)

They did a great job and the house was nice and clean!

Kevin Jones (Jan 25, 2018)

Bought this for my grandmother and she loved it! Cleaner was courteous and did a thorough job. Will be repeating this service!

Juan (Jan 17, 2018)

Wonderful work very professional and detailed. In a short time they did the job perfectly. Highly recommended I will call you again

Alex Omar (Jan 17, 2018)

Great professional service!

 Sterling (Jan 12, 2018)

They were on time, incredibly pleasant and super efficient. Everything was very well cleaned.

 KMW579 (Jan 10, 2018)

Alejandra was wonderful! My house looks great and can't wait for her to come back again!

Adisson (Ene 10, 2018)

Excellent work very professional, very friendly girls. I will go back to work with them. Highly recommended

Amazon Customer (Jan 7, 2018)

EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!!!! 100% RECOMMENDED. They use the time in an excellent way. In less time and one person did twice as much work as two other people in the same amount of hours, their work is great and they go far beyond what they offer. amazing

Amazon Customer (Jan 6, 2018)

My mother is a very demanding person, after meeting Gentiles cleaning do not hesitate to give her a cleaning service. She is delighted with the quality of the work she obtained at home, very professional and detailed. The girls worked very fast without wasting time and cleaned much more than what was offered and expected. Excellent work

Amazon Customer (Dec 30, 2017)

Amazing On several occasions other companies have come to clean my house and actually only cleaned the floor and the visible places. This team is wonderful, very professional. Careful and very friendly. Every house was cleaned in every corner in an incredible way. The shower door looks like it was new, impressive the work they did with it. Totally recommendable, do not take the time to complete their job perfectly and the girls are very nice. This is definitely my cleaning team forever. Your work is very complete and without making extra charges like others. Thank you !!!

Amazon Customer (Dec 28, 2017)

Great service. Took their time to make sure it was done right. Highly recommend and will use again.

Gail L. Parker (Dec 12, 2017)

Very pleased with the provider. Joanna arrived in a timely manner and did the work requested with no direction from me. I will be having her back. Will request Joanna return for my future appointments.

 Michael (Dec 09, 2017)

Very thorough and prompt. Will be booking again

 Liz (Dec 05, 2017)

Great job!

Mimi  (Nov 29, 2017)

She was very professional and thorough. Very pleasant person. Very satisfied. Will make another appointment in the future.

Vanessa (Nov 23, 2017)

TEN MINUTES EARLY, Professional, polite, funny, but best of all, the entire house clean from top to bottom with almost no direction from me needed. They are Pros, they know what to do! Thank you both so much!! See you again soon. -Ben & Vanessa

Kelly T ( May 25, 2017)
Super detailed and professional would keep using them. Thank you
Jana ( May 17, 2017)
BEST CLEANING I´ve had ! Easy to schedule and the ladies were super professional,thorough, nice and i would highly recommend them and this service ! i´ve had numerous other company house cleanings - the first left me disappointed and the others were what i expected but Gentiles exceeded my expectations.I will be using them again ! Thank you!!
Natasha ( May 10, 2017)
My house looks and smells amazing ! she worked fast and diligently, getting so much done in the amount of time provided. I will definitely be scheduling another cleaning with company Thank you for a job well done !
Bridgette ( February 23, 2017)
She was fantastic! Myself and my neighbor used her and can only sing her praises. She's very detailed and seems to be very trustworthy. Highly recommend.
  .             (February 19, 2017)
Alex is courteous, prompt and everrrrR sooooO fast at cleaning!!! She covered sooo much of my house in three hours!! I was amazed!!!!!
Kim Lawton ( Thursday, 01 October 2016 14:02)
" I can't say enough about the great team that came out to my house today. I had asked for products with fragrance as I like the clean smell. The house was clean beautifully! I am so excited to do nothing, or anything I want as the house is CLEAN! Thank you Jhoana and Nancy!"
Leah Jonhson ( Monday, 20 July 2016 14:33)
"The service this week was exceptionally well done."

Jhoanna Bloss (Friday, 17 July 2015 19:46)

"I like that the cleaning team brings all the necessary supplies and equipment. The team that we had was very courteous, thorough, and accommodating. We were also very satisfied with the job they did and would welcome them back."

Olivia Manzo (Friday, 12 Jun 2015 11:36)

Wow my kids told me everyday that they want to spend time with me because I was always busy cleaning but gentile´s did my dream  come true now I can share with my family and the house is clean

Julianne Clarkton ( Monday, 13 July 2015 14:38)

"It is so refreshing to come home to a clean house on that day."